Zertz Screenshots Make Explanations Easier

There are various ways to store data on the servers, and one of the traditional ways to do them is by creating briefs which allow users to share updates and details regarding various tasks at the office. So now, employees have started using screenshots as the mode of storing data as it allows them to save a massive amount of space on the memory and makes it easier for them to keep the required information.

Benefits of screenshot attachments with zertz

Screenshots may seem like a minor part of communication, but they make things much more manageable and allow users to share the required data quickly. So, various advantages of using screenshots are discussed below in detail.

Acts as a proof with zertz

The best thing about these screenshots is that they can be stored as proof of action. In this process, the user can easily take a screenshot of a particular instance which users can later use; it can either be a confirmation of mail sent to the client or the payment receipt. Users can directly share these screenshots whenever needed for future instances without worrying about logging in to the system with the credentials and then downloading the entire report again.

Takes lesser space

A file or pdf takes considerable space in your memory, whereas a screenshot takes only a few kilobytes of memory. When a file is downloaded, the user must go through the entire file to retrieve the required data, which is simplified using screenshots. With the help of screenshots, users can directly share the required information or store it somewhere in the folders. These screenshots can be attached directly to the reports, and the source file of the screenshot can be attached as the link, making verifying the information more accessible. So sharing screenshots is a memory-efficient method making work easier for users.

Maintains in log

The groups feature in zertz allows users to connect with their teammates over the virtual groups, which users can make as per the departments. This group feature has several other functionalities, including emojis and attachment features, making communicating with co-employees easier. A log of all the attachments is maintained in the groups, which allows users to directly Access the screenshots at any instant based on the requirements. All group members can Access this log, and users can make no changes to these download logs.

Shared to cloud for future reference

Users get limited space on the cloud storage because the servers of these cloud storage are far away at a place far beyond people’s reach. So users must utilize this space efficiently, and the best way to do so is by uploading important information to the cloud storage. Instead of uploading entire reports, users can attach screenshots of the vital information, which users can utilize for future references.


Zertz is a hybrid workplace application allowing users to manage their offices remotely easily. This application works on the virtual office concept by using cloud storage to manage all the documents and files. This application utilizes one of the best algorithms, making it easier for users to enjoy high-quality transmission. Multiple other functionalities make it easier for users to enjoy complete office work from comfortable places in their homes. 

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