Zertz offers freelancers what they need?  

There are various modes of working, which include working from the office and working from home, but there is another method of working which is growing extensively: the freelancer market. Freelancers are different from contact-based work as freelancers are mostly hired on a project basis, and once the project is completed and the payment is made, employment ends. So let us discuss how zertz offers a smooth working mode for freelancers.

How Zertz helps freelancers

There are various services offered by Zertz which make it easier for freelancers to boost their work efficiency and ensure that clients provide a remarkable testimonial at the end of the project.

Streamline your work

The major issue freelancers face is that they pile up work, and in the presence of multiple projects, it becomes tough to keep track of files, which is a messed-up work order. So zertz allows users to create groups where they can post details regarding their content and then share the files on the group, making it easier to keep track of progress on the project.

Set Deadline

The work deadlines arrive quite faster than they look, 24 hours are completed instantly, and the client can message anytime for the file. So now, with zertz, you can set reminders that would remind you regarding the deadline, and that is when you realize that you need to buckle up and put up your best for optimum results.

Create a To Do list with Zertz

This is something that a freelancer has to do, and no application in the world can do this for you. You must ensure that you are motivated enough for the work, and getting hydrated with a clear mind is the first step. So you can create a to-do list and follow it thoroughly to ensure you complete all tasks on your list in time.

Create documents storage with Zertz

The document collaboration of Zertz is a wonderful way of managing documents because all the documents are placed in an apple pie order with well-labeled time and other details for future reference. You can also set multiple permissions on the document, which won’t allow him to download the document making it much easier to ensure document protection. Freelancers can also encrypt their files using strong passwords and provide users with the password once the payment has been made.

Manage chats with clients

The chat section of Zertz resembles various social media profiles, making it easier for you to get accustomed to its interface. You can chat with your clients regarding various issues while working on the task. These chats are stored, and you can use them for future reference.

Share project updates

The posts section of Zertz is a dashboard where freelancers can post updates regarding the project, and then both clients and the freelancer would be at ease. Various other updates can be posted on this dashboard, including the commitment regarding the projects and much more.

Record meetings

Most briefings are provided in the meeting, making it easier for freelancers to understand the motive of the task. So freelancers can record these meetings to later proof check their work, making it easier for them to provide the task per the requirements. These recorded meetings are proof of work, making it easier to mention them in your portfolio.

The freelancer industry only lacks the proper working order, so Zertz caters to it with the utmost quality. So it’s the time when you must create your Zertz account and streamline your work in an instant, and receive amazing testimonials from your clients.

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