Zertz Comes As New Face Of Collaboration And Meetings

Meetings are the best way to communicate and share the latest details with your colleagues. Sometimes these meetings turn out to be complete boredom or a failure. Various reasons contribute to such issues, such as inadequate planning or incomplete implementation. So in this article, let us discuss some ways which make it easier to make your meetings engaging.

Plan Meetings

Creating a blueprint and strategy to make the most of the meetings makes it easier for you to address your points effectively. You must write down all the conference requirements, including the number of members, the plan to be discussed, and the meeting time. So plan the meeting so that it can accommodate with needs of various users.

Explain The Agenda of Meetings

The description and agenda of the meeting should be detailed, which makes it easier for people to set them on their priority list. It should be the top priority if the meeting relates something to the department. The meeting description feature in zertz makes it easier for users to mention such vital details while scheduling or starting a meeting.


You must work on the presentation before the meeting and make sure that all the facts are verified. When there is a query regarding points, it does not cast a good effect on the listeners, so you must ensure that you present your concern in the best possible manner. With zertz, you can share your whiteboard screen, making it easier to express your ideas using freehand drawing.

Be Decisive and Establish supremacy.

When the meeting starts, you must make clear that you hold command of the forum and maintain that discipline in the meeting. You need to set some rules and ensure that all people know such regulations, making it easier to smoothen the meetings.

Adaptable time slots

Time slots are a significant issue in meetings because people are unable to connect at some times. But this issue is resolved in zertz as it provides meeting notifications per the time zone selected in the account so that you would receive notifications as per your time zone.

Interact and Engage

Meeting engagement defines the efficiency of the meeting; sometimes, you would notice that the meeting is turning into a boring lecture. So the most suitable way to deal with it is by creating query rounds where people can share their concerns on various topics and make sure that other meeting members can understand their views.

Use Advanced Tools

Various tools make it easier to collaborate and manage your meeting. Different gaming websites create corporate quizzes that can make your sessions entertaining. Zertz is also a reliable third-party application that would make it easier for you to connect with your co-workers and organize high-quality encrypted meetings.

Feedback and summary of Meetings

Feedback is a futuristic approach as you can make your future meetings more engaging when you would have a better understanding of your mistakes in the present one. So providing feedback form and summary details makes it easier to conclude the meeting.

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