Zertz: A link for long-distance relationships

There is a saying that love finds its way in the castle’s walls, in the morning dewdrops and even beyond the geographical borders. The world moves fast, and things can change anytime, which alters your relationships with your loved ones. So let us discuss long-distance relationships and how zertz can help. Zertz is mainly a corporate hybrid work environment based on its functionalities; you can also use it as your memory locker house.

Tips for a healthy long-distance relationship

Though there are no definitions or well-devised methods that would allow you to have a healthy long-distance relationship, there are some pointers that would prevent you from making mistakes. People’s major issue in long-distance bonds is lack of communication, which you can endure easily with these tips.

Manage communication

The communication gap in relationships can cause a series of misunderstandings, making it tough for partners to establish their faith in the other person. So firstly, you must ensure that you are communicating well and never piling up things because these serious talks are piled up and turn into clashes. You must communicate with your partner and try to understand his point of view, making it much easier to look at things from a different perspective. You can communicate via text, call and even video calls.

Respect personal space

When partners are distanced, it’s pretty obvious that they would miss each other greatly and want to ensure they do not lose their presence in their partner’s life. Still, in this process, you must not forget that you need to give your partner space when they move to a different place because it is equally tough for them to proceed with things without you.

Manage memories

This is the turning point in any relationship because until you are close to your partner, you do not need to worry about keeping snaps of memories. But when your relationship switches to a long distance then, you need to make sure that you keep these snaps of memories. With Zertz, it’s easier to keep recording video calls with your partner, and then you can store them in your local storage.

Prepare posts of golden memories.

The posts dashboard in Zertz is a great feature where you can post wonderful updates of your daily life, and people connected to your account can react and comment on the same. Though zertz does not serve the purpose of social media platform, you can use it in this manner for a small friend circle or a family group.

Manage Privacy

Privacy is an important factor in a relationship. You must ensure you do not hinder your partner’s privacy. So Zertz has various permission features that restrict access to the other person, making it impossible for them to alter or download the file.

Zertz is a hybrid workforce application mainly designed for corporate purposes, but its features can help you with the tips mentioned above, so you can use it based on customer needs.

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