Zertz – A Better Choice Than Any Other

There has been a rapid rise in the need for applications that can provide users with a hybrid work environment and allow them to work smoothly from the walls of their homes. These applications have made it much easier to complete your tasks and work from a place of your comfort. So in this article, we will discuss an application, Zertz, innovation, and revolution in video conferencing applications.


Zertz has an interactive User Interface which makes it easier for users to navigate through various features of this application. The icons and font of this application allow users to have a better sight of multiple teams and members on their dashboard.

Video Call For better communication

Zertz provides users with a high-quality video calling feature, and these calls are encrypted in higher bits, making it almost impossible to hack. This feature plays a significant role in establishing a good mode of communication among the company members.

Cost Saving

Zertz is a one-stop platform with both document collaboration and video conferencing features, making it easier for users to reduce costs to a significant amount. The packages of Zertz are highly affordable, which is another popular reason for its huge userbase other than its amazing features.


Zertz is equipped with a whiteboard feature, which makes it easier for users to use the freehand tool, allowing users to draw shapes and present text on the white screen. The best thing about this tool is that users can download a PDF copy of all the text and designs made on the whiteboard screen. You can also present this screen in a meeting allowing users to enhance 1the engagement.

Teams Feature

Teams feature of Zertz makes it easier to establish a departmental community among various departments in a company. The teams feature users to create a group of a limited number of users and broadcast messages to them on that team and documents and other important files.


The document Collaboration feature of Zertz allows users to work on the same document simultaneously. This tool keeps a record of all the files uploaded to the Cloud, making it easier to keep a log and track changes made to a file.


The Activity pane of Zertz acts as a screen where users can upload their posts to other company members; it can contain updates like upcoming events or webinars. This activity can also make it easier for a company to share important details with all members on the platform.


Zertz has wonderful features, making it efficient for users to navigate through multiple elements and maintain their team in a virtual workplace. Its wonderful features make it a better choice for managing a team and a one-stop place for your workplace requirements.

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