You Are Safe: Zertz Features Ensure Your Safety

Security and safety are some core features when choosing an application. Modern virtual security needs to be enhanced to multiple levels so people with malicious intentions cannot penetrate it. So companies follow multiple practices which allow them to keep their employee’s data and companies’ data safe. Zertz is a reliable hybrid work environment application that goes through a series of security features to ensure the safety of its users.


So in this article, we will discuss some advanced security features provided by Zertz apart from an advanced encrypted firewall.

Document Security

Multiple times users feel the dilemma of sharing documents as those documents can be altered or morphed by the other person. Zertz provides document collaboration features, so users might think this might increase the chances of such cases, but Zertz manages it efficiently by providing multi-level access features.

These multi-level access features provide only limited users with limited access to the website, including (can only read, can only write, can save to the system, and can share to other users). With such security features and enhanced document collaboration, it is much easier for users to manage their work.


One Time Password is a very useful security method in which a password is shared to the user credential (Email or Mobile Phone) and valid for only a limited time. When entered this code correctly, the system provides access to the user. This technique is mostly used in case of transactions or login in the main account, making it more secure and reliable.

Zertz uses this technique when users try to log in to their account or ask for a password change, preventing such cases.

Recording  to local Storage

There have been multiple cases of video call hacking where external users would crash in meetings and then disrupt the meetings; this happened due to public links which allowed users to join a meeting directly. Zertz has overcome this condition by providing limited access to the users in a video call by mentioning the username of attendees.

Various meetings are also recorded for further reference. Still, some people with malicious intentions started using this feature to record private calls of users, so Zertz overcame this feature by using local Storage. If a user wishes to record a meeting, he can ask the host to start recording the meeting, and when the host completes the meeting, the pathway for the recording is asked, and when specified, the recording is stored in the host’s Local Storage.

Brute force prevention

Brute force is an exploitation method in which the users can intrude on the other user’s privacy by trying all the possible causes of passwords and usernames to attain access to their account. Zertz has used an anti-brute force technique that creates the log of the number of times a user tries to enter his credentials, and if there is something suspicious with the log, it informs the host regarding the same.


Zertz is a reliable and secure video conferencing platform that has provided users with multiple features which make it easier for them to streamline their regular work. With this website’s smooth flow of work and navigatable UI, users can enjoy working with this application and working in a hybrid, user-friendly environment. This application is your first choice for work based on all these factors.

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