Virtual Hiring: An Approach To Flexible Interviews

Interviews are always a nerve-wracking situation because one needs to go through a series of rounds, making it rather stressful to find a job for themselves. But in the stance of lockdown, a new Hiring model was introduced, making the process much more flexible, making it easier for people to get shortlisted and appear in an interview. With the help of video conferencing applications, the process has been simplified, and Zertz provides users with some remarkable features to utilize these features to maximum potential.

So in this article, various advantages of virtual Hiring have been discussed.

Reduces The Costs

Arranging an interview includes basic costs like snacks, furniture, tests, printouts, and other requisite materials. In the physical mode of interviews, these charges add up to a significant number as these interviews are held for multiple days in a row for various designations. With the introduction of Zertz, it has become easier to set up a virtual hiring room.

Zertz allows users to create various groups and add members to those groups using their emails, and you can share notifications easily with them. Also, Zertz makes it easier to organize a video call for multiple users.

Easy Scheduling

Managing the long list of participants and then taking attendance to ensure that all the members are present for the interview is cumbersome and paper-wasting. Zertz provides the easiest alternative by giving a team feature where you can add members based on their batch timings and ensure that everyone gets a fair opportunity.

Saves Time

Physical Modes of interview require early setup; then a host is needed to make sure that all the intervenes reach on time and make the list of ones who were unable to join the interview. Virtual Hiring has become easier to manage everything as Zertz creates the logs of users who enter a video call, and you can extract data easily from the records.

Convenient for Geographical borders

Earlier the attendees had to travel to the interview location and then appear for an interview, and many eligible candidates were unable to appear in the discussion. With virtual Hiring now, users can easily seek jobs worldwide, which allows the candidates to be selected based on their potential and abilities.

Applying physically requires a lot of documentation and effort. In contrast, attendees can share their documents using drive links and apply by entering required details in the Google Form or via LinkedIn in virtual Hiring.

Recording Interviews

Zertz provides users with a high-quality encrypted video call feature that you can record for further reference. If an interviewer cannot attend the meeting, he can watch the recording later to analyze the factors on which the applicant was selected.


Virtual Hiring is a new approach, and it has a series of advantages and some drawbacks, but it has turned out to be an effective method of Hiring. Integrated with a hybrid work environment application like Zertz, hiring the best potential with simple steps becomes much easier.

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