Using Zertz Whiteboard for Enhancing resentations

Presentations play a major role in corporate life, and employees need to ensure that their presentations are the best, which is helpful during appraisals. When an employee provides a presentation, he makes a mark in the listeners’ memory, which can be a great decision. So let us discuss some tips to enhance presentations using the amazing Zertz tool.

Tips for enhancing presentation with Zertz

Various tips can make it easier for you to present yourself in a more informative manner. Some of these tips are discussed below in detail.

Data and Research

Preparing every detail in the presentation makes it easier for the speaker to speak broadly on the subject. At the time of cross-questioning in the presentation, there are instances when a person with wider experience in the field may ask you something which would leave you speechless, so for such instances; you must research deeply on the subject. You can do this research by surfing through a series of blogs, research papers, and even YouTube channels based on the topic.

Verbal Delivery

The verbal delivery and fluency in speaking make the presentation more comprehensive. The choice of grammar and tone of presentation creates a bond and connection when presenting details on a certain topic. In virtual presentations, the high-quality audio service provided by Zertz ensures that the speaker’s voice is transmitted in the modular frequency packets to ensure that the sound notes remain intact.

Visuals and graphs

The visuals and graphs are another interesting way to boost the interaction of your presentation because it’s well known that a picture can speak a thousand words, and a graph can display thousands of details. So with the visual representation and high-quality end-to-end, encrypted video quality of Zertz, users can ensure the finest and cleanest video presentation.

Body language Interaction

In the physical presentation, your body must convey what your words speak, so with every word you say, the movement of your body and your hands should align altogether. According to the speaker’s psychology, it is believed that when a person makes the most use of his body language, then it means that he is trying his level best to ensure that the listener gets what he is trying to convey.

Telling Stories

Stories make it easier for the listeners to relate to the topic; if the topic is about how to deal with office stress, then a story of how you tackled an emergency deadline can be a great choice. So embedding such stories in your presentation can make things in your favor.

Keeping track of key points

A rough sketch of the key points has to be made, which makes it easier for the speaker to ensure that he has covered all the important points. This can be done by a series of methods, either by creating a note of the same or managing it like a pro. Users can create a checklist in the Zertz Whiteboard, download the same PDF file, and keep it on their mobile screen at the time of explanation.

Feedback  and Synopsis

Asking for feedback is a wonderful gesture that makes the listeners feel important in a conversation, so providing a feedback form can be a great choice. Speakers can create a Zertz group and connect all the listeners and share the form with them, or they can enter form details in the meeting description. When an explanation is done on the Zertz whiteboard, it becomes easier to attain a pdf copy of the same and share the synopsis with the listeners.


Zertz is a hybrid work culture platform that provides users with a platform that would make it easier for them to utilize its functionalities for optimized working. This tool is equipped with a series of features that have enhanced the quality of work and its efficiency. 

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