Use of Screens In Schools Has Become A Necessity 

With a revolution in every industry now even education seeks advancement, so now schools have shifted to the latest and trendy modes of communication. So in this article let us discuss various challenges faced by students in the education system and ways to counter them.

Issues faced by Students

The modes of education are changing and this has brought various challenges in the lives of children they need to keep changing as per the curriculum to ensure that there is no loss of studies. Some of the major issues faced by students in this competitive education world are listed below.


Earlier education was encapsulated in simply four walls with books to study from, students even memorized the name of the writers and suggested these books to the coming generation. This concept of study made things easier for people and they could easily study without taking much trouble. But soon some knowledge sources increases and everyone deserves to get the best resource to study making it easier for them to learn the best.

Unable to understand in classes

Some students are introverted and are unable to keep their thoughts in class which makes it tough for them to communicate and ask questions. Even if they are unable to understand they rely on their coaching classes or youtube for solving their issues which creates a lot of ruckuses and ultimately makes them lose faith in their classes.


A variety of doubts arise in subjects like Science and maths as they are subjects of logic and reasoning and if a person is allowed to expand his vision and curiosity then these subjects are more suitable for him. Solving such doubts is a tough task because sometimes it interferes with the entire class and thus teachers avoid such questions and ask students to reach out to the teacher later to get their answers.

Practice questionnaire

Test series and practice questions prepare students for the upcoming tests because in the majority of the cases they are unable to solve the questions because they haven’t practiced them.

Online education: A New Wave

This new wave of education focuses on using 3D models and graphics to teach and they even focus on remote education which makes it easier for students to study in particular schools irrespective of geographical restrictions. Zertz can ease down the entire education scenario by its core features which are discussed below.

  • Zertz allows users to create groups so teachers can create groups and share resource links with students and students can also add links to the resources used by them to study. This collective method of studying makes it easier to reach out to new sources of knowledge.
  • When students are unable to understand in classes then they can book extra doubt sessions with teachers and teachers can give their extra time to students so they can understand topics thoroughly.
  • A doubt and feedback form can be created by teachers in which students can share their doubts and students with common doubts can understand that topic again from a teacher in a meeting.
  • Various test series and practice questions can be introduced by teachers making it easier for them to make their students to practice questions based on various topics.

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