Tips to tackle Monday with Zertz Application

Monday is considered the day of extreme sadness as the weekend end, and client requirements and changes to the files are piled up. A simple law of work inertia states that the employee tends to remain in a weekend mood until and unless an external deadline or pressure is exerted on him. And Monday is that external pressure because people enjoy their weekends, and waking up on Monday and going to the office requires a lot of effort.


So in this article, we will provide you with some tips which would make it easier for you to manage your pending work and Monday deadlines most efficiently.

Manage Documents

You can easily share the documents on Fridays, and then clients can provide their respective comments or changes on the particular file. With the document collaboration feature of Zertz, document changes and management are utilized most efficiently. You can also share the documents with the respective departments and receive an update on the first morning.

Prioritize Team Messages

Teams are a wonderful feature of Zertz that allows users to share messages among the selected members and form a virtual group known as a team. You can also share documents and record the same in the log. So you can easily prioritize the messages from these teams, and based on your preference, you can complete your designated tasks.

Create a schedule on Whiteboard

Sometimes you lose track of all the pending tasks, which results in a lot of piled-up work; at this point, the Whiteboard feature of Zertz comes into play. You can open the Whiteboard and start making a mind map of all the pending work; then, you can download the PDF copy of the Whiteboard and start working on all the pending tasks.

Share Deadlines and report Updates

With teams and document collaboration, you can send deadline notifications to your team members and the link to the document, making management much easier. Sending these notifications early on a Monday would prove the necessity of the task to be completed on time.

Check for Activity Updates

The Activity feature of Zertz makes it easier for users to stay updated with all the latest events going on in the company. You can easily check all the latest upcoming events and make all the necessary preparations at your end.

Schedule Meetings

The meeting feature of Zertz allows you to schedule meetings and share the notification of the same to the attendees, which would make it easier for them to plan their schedules according. You can also schedule audio and video calls for better interaction and engagement.


Zertz allows users to streamline their work and pushes out the Monday Phobia you. With Zertz, you have your Monday all planned, and you will stand ahead of your co-members as an early and efficient client is a great asset for the company.

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