Tips To Make The Most Of ZERTZ Application


The World is changing, and now we need a method to communicate that allows us to communicate and provide our best. In the corporate sector, there is a high demand for software which would serve as an alternative in the virtual space. So we would discuss Zertz, which completely matches the requirements for the same.


Why Use Zertz?

Zertz is a hybrid work environment application that makes it easier for users to connect in a virtual environment and manage their work securely. Zertz has a series of features and an interactive User Interface, making it easily accessible even by beginners. This application is useful for a wide range of users ranging from Organizations, Freelancers to Students.

Ways Zertz can enhance your efficiency.

These are certain ways to boost your efficiency and work-life balance in a hybrid environment.

Reliable Workflow

The Interface and working of Zertz have made it easier for users to modulate the larger segments of their work into much smaller modules. This method of work modulation makes it easier to complete your task on deadline with enhanced levels of efficiency. So firstly, you must create a list of all your tasks and save them as events in your Zertz Dashboard, making it easier to remember them.

Secure Meetings

A meeting plays a vital role in depicting your work life before your superiors, but there could be various instances when you might end up with a negative remark when your meeting is breached. This had a direct effect on the management of the host that he was unable to maintain the secrecy of the link.

So Zertz makes it much easier by providing access levels to join a meeting, and even when a public user or guest users want to join, the host must first add his mail address.

Presentation Whiteboard

The Whiteboard is a screen that allows users to draw freehand and add multiple shapes and figures to determine multiple workflow and algorithm diagrams. You can use this feature to present your ideas much more efficiently in a meeting. Zertz even allows you to save your content on the Whiteboard in a PDF Manner, later shared with attendees for future references.

Security access

Zertz has focused exceptionally on the security of the users, and for the same, they have created multiple authentications, which makes it almost impossible for an impostor to access Zertz. There are various internal security checks in Zertz, making it stress-free and reliable for users.

Document Collaboration

You can upload a raw document on Zertz and then start working on it with your coworker, and this will save all the changes in the document. Using this method, you will save ample time, and duplicacy will be reduced to a greater factor.

Manage Teams

Zertz allows you to create groups, and by creating these groups, you can communicate with the particular members of the company. So you can create teams based on your preferences and connect with the required people.

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