Tips On How To Settle Fridays With Zertz

There are certain days of the week when you feel like you need a break, and then you wait for Fridays to spend a weekend for yourself. However, it is a myth that a weekend has two days; it has only one, which is Friday because Sunday is spent preparing for Monday. So in this article, we will discuss some tips that will make it easier for you to manage your work on Friday, which will provide you with ample time on Monday.


Difficulties Faced On Monday Mornings

Fridays remain the best days of the week because these are the days when people can rest from a hectic schedule at the office. There is a well known saying that time flies on weekends which makes Mondays more challenging because one needs to complete all pending works by Monday. The best way to reduce work and stress levels on Mondays is by streamlining your weekends most efficiently.

Ways to Manage Saturdays Using Zertz

Zertz is an advanced approach to managing all your office requirements in one place, and you can manage your work schedule efficiently using Zertz, and some tips for the same are discussed below.

Provide Team With Weekend Goals

Zertz has a team feature which makes it easier for users to connect with their employees at a single point in a virtual workspace. So you can create teams with various members in your team based on their tasks and designations, and then you can share the weekend goals with them. These weekend goals can include a series of tasks that include pending reports, briefs, and much more that you must submit to the client by Monday.

Check Updates on Activities

You can create a list of all the activities that have been performed in-office on Monday, and you can upload all these activities one after another in the Activity section of Zertz. Then, later on, you can proceed with weekly appreciations and employee of the month declarations, which would boost your employees’ motivation.

Create a List of Pending Presentations

Creating a well-organized list isn’t something everyone can do, so you can create rough lists and mindmaps to manage your work on Zertz Whiteboard. The Whiteboard feature of Zertz makes it easier for users to use the freehand tool and manage their work.

Send Monday Meeting Notifications

You can create meeting notifications and add the attendees based on your preference, and this would share the notification of the same to them based on their timeline. These Meeting notifications would also make it easier for others to be prepared on Monday for a meeting.

Create Events and Monday Briefs

Zertz allows users to create events and share their updates with the other members of the teams. You can create these events with a little brief in their description. You can also create a de-briefing event where employees can provide their weekly updates first thing in the morning.


Monday Motivation is the most important thing the employees ask for, so instead of a bit of motivation to go to work, there is a motivation to manage would which would finish up this Monday Phobia. With Zertz and a little bit of dedication, you will surely do some wonders, making it easier for you to streamline your work and manage it most efficiently.

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