This Rakhi eliminate the distance with Zertz.

Festivals are the core features of India, and people wait for these festivals for numerous purposes. Holi brings a chance for people to connect with their friends, whereas Diwali stands as the festival of lights, but in the end, the motto of each festival is to bring families together. So this Raksha Bandhan (Rakhi) eliminate the distance between the bonds of brother and sister with Zertz.

Significance of Raksha Bandhan (Rakhi)

Raksha Bandhan stands as one of the most auspicious festivals celebrated in Pan India; this festival celebrates the divine bond of brother and sister. On this festival, the sisters visit their brothers and tie Rakhi (type of bands) around their wrists, and the brothers provide their sisters with a promise to take care of them and presents.

This ceremony replenishes the bond between brothers and sisters and embarks as a symbol of a pure bond. Some memorable moments of this festival resonate with the feelings of togetherness, which are listed below.

Fills Brother And Sister Bond

The bond between brother and sister is eternal and is cared for most divinely. Children work in remote places and cannot spend time with each other. So on this occasion, brother and sister can replenish their bond, which gets weakened by distance. After the ceremony, they can reminisce about the moments spent together in childhood. This is the primary role of these festivals: filling the bond between people and making them happy.

Family Gathering on Rakhi

The quality time spent with family is irreplaceable, and in this fast-moving world, it’s almost impossible to find time for each other. So these festivals are the best family gathering sessions when all youngsters and elders sit together and remember old times. Another best thing about the family gathering is that all the tales of childhood and piece of advice are shared, which can serve as the root for future endeavors.

A family gathering is the best time to eliminate the distances between the bonds and heal the bond between them. The best feeling is the evening with family when everyone laughs at the content of their heart.

Enjoy Tasty Meals

The taste of the family meals is the most exotic taste that one can experience. A series of people face this issue that they eat fast food, or they need to compromise on their taste buds when they live in remote locations. At times of family gatherings, tasty meals are cooked, tummies are filled with flavor, and hearts are filled with joy. So delicious food is one of the significant reasons which highlights this festival’s significance and importance.

Some Instagram Worthy Photos

Some memories need to be stored in albums, so someday when you are upset, then you can look them over and feel invisible support that pushes you to hustle and become a better self. At these festivals, families come together, and fantastic pictures are clicked, which could be uploaded on various social media platforms or stored in albums to be remembered forever.


Zertz is a video conferencing application with numerous streamlined features; it cannot entirely replicate the experience with your loved ones but can compensate to some extent by easing the communication between the members. The high-quality video call feature from Zertz allows family members to communicate with real-life experiences but cannot provide tasty home meals. So Zertz aims to fulfill the emotion of happiness and eliminate the distance in the bond.

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