Study Hubs Using Video Conferencing ApplicationsĀ 

A meeting that takes place online via video is popularly known as video conferencing. Participants can join this conference from the convenience of their homes by using their cellphones, laptops, or desktop computers to connect. This tool has several capabilities, such as screen sharing; you may use that to enhance the interactivity and interest of online meetings.

Teachers who previously only taught in person in the classroom now find themselves searching for strategies to make their lectures and lessons capture and keep the attention of their students as schools at all levels move to online-only instruction in 2020 as a result of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Helps connect with experts irrespective of their location

Finding the appropriate instructor for various topics is a significant difficulty for parents and students. The epidemic has made it nearly tricky for learners to attend class physically. Due to the absence of competent instruction, parents have been compelled to make do with whatever extra assistance they may quickly obtain. Work-life balance has also been impacted by working from home, making it challenging for parents to spend meaningful time educating their kids. However, video conferencing makes it easier to address these issues adequately.

Enables access to students from remote areas

Due to a lack of high-quality educational infrastructure, students from distant locations have long suffered. Many people have lost out on chances to test their abilities.

Even though this epidemic has been complex for all of us, it has enabled students from remote locations to communicate with teachers worldwide via video conferencing. These students may now take lessons online using their mobile devices, laptops, or desktop computers without going to cutting-edge universities by internet connection.

Zertz provides high end encryption which makes the network reliable and secure for users as per their requirements.

Allows better one-to-one interaction during the class

Every student should interact with their teacher. Students can be hesitant to contact the teacher because of their uncertainties. These explanations might compound and leave the learner with a muddled attitude about the subject.

These problems are solved via video conferencing. During an online lesson, each participant has the chance to ping the instructor individually. This allows the teacher to either address questions immediately or holds them for a later session or after the class is done.

Allows recording of classes

Each pupil is distinctive in their particular manner. It might be stressful for kids to study at the same speed.

Even if the subject is covered in class, some students may require further assistance or a review of the same material. It is typical for pupils to hesitate to ask the teacher for explanations.

There are alternatives for recording the fully online conference while using video conferencing. In this approach, they may review future sessions even if a student is absent from a class. Zertz provides users with local recording storage feature which makes it easier for users to store recording on their meeting in their system and later share it with users on multiple groups.


By bringing people together, video conferencing allows for the real-time sharing of papers and data between educators and students. Participants from all across the world can also connect using this technology. Additionally, to invite guest speakers, you may use video conferencing. Students have also been using this platform for group studies among themselves, which not only aids in completing their work through assistance and support but also inspires them by observing how hard their classmates work.

Though the pandemic impacted how teachers organized classes, video conferencing has helped change the educational landscape and students’ perspectives. This demonstrates how effective video conferencing has been in the education industry.

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