Manage Office Meetings from your Laptop

Now you do not need a big office with a heavy chair and many responsibilities budding down on your shoulders. All you require is proper management, which would allow you to manage your entire office with keystrokes and some advanced tools. So in this article, let us discuss various office tasks that can be managed using a laptop.

Use tools for communication

The proper tools make it easier to streamline things as you can ensure that all your tasks are efficiently completed. You must use reliable tools for tasks, including communication and document management. Instead of using multiple tools designed for a different task, you must use a tool with all other tools embedded in it. Zertz is the perfect tool for your requirement as it allows communication and makes it easier to manage other tasks with multiple employees onboard.

Manage meetings

Meetings are a crucial part of a company procedure because they allow people to communicate, making broadcasting notices or essential updates easier. Recently, there has been a demand for video conferencing software that provides high video quality. Zertz provides its users with high encryption video transmission, allowing them to quickly connect with their clients and employees. The host can also record the meetings, store them in their local storage, and share them with their employees.


Discipline is the primary reason that thrives productivity in the corporate market, and various techniques make its implementation easier. Creating schedules, timetables, and booking appointments makes it easier for people to streamline their entire work and hierarchically allot work.

Check on progress

Keeping track of employee performance makes it easier to generate reports which can be used for promotions and appraisals. These reports contain all the essential details like active hours, hours on the system, and a lot more. These tools keep a record of the active time of the user along with various log details, which you can access only by admin. You must also appreciate your employees for good work, enhancing the working ecosystem. When praised, the person tries his best to attain more of it.

Create teams

It is well said that if you want to perform a task, allot small parts to the people who excel in the field. Creating teams for managing work makes it easier to ensure top-notch quality of work. Managing these teams might seem cumbersome, but it becomes much easier with zertz as you can use the Teams feature on the application. Once you create the team, its log will be created, and each file shared on the team will be listed in the log along with the person who shared the file. Various emoticons and multimedia options make talks more engaging and expressive.

Keep a security check.

Security is a significant concern in corporate offices, so you must keep yourself as admin and provide limited permission as zertz allows users to customize permissions for even the slightest requirement.

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