Industry & Companies Boosting With Virtual Office

Industry & companies still a lot of confusion between the people regarding working from the office and working from home. Some people believe that working from home culture affects the company’s productivity, but it has provided people with advanced methods to boost performance. So let us discuss industries & companies that could make huge profits by opting for remote work.

Industries that boosted virtual working

Various industries showed massive growth while opting to work from home, some of which are listed below.

Startups and Entrepreneurs

Currently, India is experiencing the startup era where entrepreneurs are bringing up their ideas and using them. They are developing businesses that would provide massive profits. This year, over 37 startups in India received unicorn funding, making it easier for them to expand their business. During a lockdown when people lost their jobs, these startups hired those in remote roles and provided them good salaries. Soon the market rose again, and all those startups did wonders. Startups offer remote work, and the virtual office method has made it easier to reduce their expenses to a considerable value.

Media Industry

Digital Marketing is a core industry that has shown immense wonders in the previous year. Earlier, people used to rely on offline campaigns for successful conversions, but soon times changed. Social media marketing is the latest form of marketing that uses content and influencers to establish a brand value for a product. In the coming years, it has excellent potential.

Advertisement Agencies

SEO, SMO, and Pay Per Click are some of the advanced advertising techniques used by businesses that make it easier for them to post their ads on other websites. It’s tough to gain the majority of organic traffic, so by posting ads on other websites, the chances to gain traffic increase, making it easier to increase retention. In pay per click technique, the cost of the advertisement is paid based on several clicks received.

Finance Industry

The crypto market and share market have shown some remarkable results, and all this was possible due to Big Data advancements; now, it has become easier to manage data and assets from virtual offices without visiting the market. People can easily manage their digital wallets using their regular devices and make transactions without visiting the banks. Even the banks have provided virtual loan offers, allowing people to apply for loans from their homes.

Real Estate Industry

Even the real estate industry made huge profits by providing rentals to tenants and creating a portal that allowed them to connect. Various startups gained massive funding for this innovative idea which helped them make huge profits.


Zertz is a video-conferencing application that provides users with multiple features which make it easier for them to manage their offices from the comfort of their homes. Now users can manage various meetings, schedule tasks from their homes, and take briefs from colleagues. Security is this application’s core feature, ensuring that all the data stored on the cloud or the platform remains secure.

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