How Zertz Provides Its Users With A Secure Place

If someone comes forward and says,” Privacy is a hoax”, Then there are higher chances that other people will support the statement because, with the rising technological advancements, it is now becoming easier to exploit a system. In such cutthroat competition, marketing users are experiencing various situations when confidential data leaks threaten the application’s overall credibility. So let us discuss some features of Zertz which makes users feel safe and secure while using this application.

Some crucial security parameters

Some unique security protocols are followed by Zertz, making it easier for users on zertz to safeguard their personal information. 

Highly encrypted calls with Zertz

Zertz allows users to place highly encrypted high-quality calls which cannot be interpreted and intercepted on the user end. These calls are encrypted on 256 bits which is hard to decode and prevents hackers and crackers from stealing the information from the users. Another advantage of these end-to-end calls is that the quality of the call remains uncompromised even on a hectic network with numerous users asking for multiple permissions. The calls at zertz can include over 100 members depending on the plan by the user.

Secure cloud storage

The data from the local storage is moved to the cloud storage, where it is secured using highly advanced and complicated algorithms. Multiple firewalls are placed on the server, making it easier for users to feel reliable about the application. The cloud storage has an expandable memory that can be increased per user requirements. This cloud storage is an excellent choice for storing data for extended periods.

Local video storage

There are various instances when people with malicious intentions can Access meeting recordings and then steal sensitive data from them. To prevent this type of data leak, zertz uses an advanced mechanism that allows users to store video recordings in their local storage and later share them on zertz groups. When the user activates the recording, temporary memory is taken from the cloud storage, and the recording is stored like a clipboard. Then, a directory dialogue box appears when the meeting is completed, and the recording is completed. This dialogue box asks the user for the directory to store the recorded meeting making it more accessible for users.


you must handle credentials carefully because it’s a lengthy procedure to retain your credentials in zertz once you lose them. So it is advised then users must keep their credentials secure as the authentication algorithm of zertz does not allow everyone to easily connect to the servers and connect with the requisite information.

Modulated Access levels

Some document collaboration platforms provide users with limited features, which include only viewing or editing the document, but zertz has extended the range of permissions. Now users can decide who can download the document, share the document, make changes to the document or add other viewers to the documents. This increases the document’s security level, making it harder for people with malicious intentions to Access it.


Zertz is an advanced platform with a series of dynamic features which allow users to utilize their full potential to Access their virtual offices. This tool has some unique features and a wide range of system compatibility, making it easier to manage all your tasks in a responsive manner.

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