How to smash your interviews like a Pro?

The statement, the first impression is the last impression, goes best with virtual interviews and remote working. You must make an amazing impression on the interviewers, which would take you in the further round of interviews. So let us discuss some tips that would allow you to perform well in your interview.

Check your system

The major flaw to your virtual interview can be an issue with the device; it has been noted that when the interview starts, the microphone isn’t working, or the application isn’t loading. It’s advisable that you must check the link and the application 10-15 mins before the interview timing. Once done with the application, you must check your microphone and webcam to ensure that you are audible and visible. You must also check internet connectivity in your region to ensure that the connection does not get lost while you are giving an interview.

Sit in proper lighting.

Though there are various instances when the interviewer won’t ask you to turn on your camera, there can be cases where he might ask you to turn on your camera, so you must remain prepared. When appearing for an interview, ensure that you are well dressed, your hair well combed, and your surroundings well lit. When light is overhead, various shadows will darken some sections of your face, so it’s advisable to sit facing the light.

Customize Backgrounds

Privacy is a greater concern in an interview, so you must avoid using the normal background in an interview; you should prefer a blank wall. Zertz allows you to place customized backgrounds while video conferencing, ensuring your privacy is well protected. Getting plain background textures is a reliable solution that would streamline things for you efficiently.

Be punctual

Punctuality is a greater factor in casting a good effect on the interviewer; if you are later than the interviewer in the meeting, this can surely act against you. Even though it’s a personal matter, you must avoid getting late; you can also keep a water bottle near your laptop so you won’t have to ask for a break if you feel thirsty. These tips would depict that you are conscious and cautious regarding your duties.

Avoid distractions

There are various distractions during a virtual interview, including the people near you or construction work in your surroundings. So prefer a location at home where you can receive good bandwidth and has the least indulgence of other people as sometimes interviews can last for an hour or so.

How is Zertz a reliable platform for interviews?

Zertz has a series of features that primarily serves the purpose of a hybrid workplace but extends its functionality in multiple domains. Zertz has high-quality video conferencing configurations and encryption, ensuring complete safety and privacy. It has features like scheduling meetings, recording meetings, and local storage of the recorded meeting, which streamlines a video most amazingly. Zertz provides its services for an organization based on B2B and even for individuals based on their requirements.

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