Hospitals do wonders with online consultancy.

The only thing people cannot place a price tag on is life. A life saved is a blessing and a life that could be saved but was lost in the biggest regret. We could have fixed various medical emergencies if medical support reached on time. So let us discuss these medical emergencies and how Zertz’s innovative features can ease things.

Issues faced in medical emergencies

There are various issues faced by people in medical emergencies, making it hard for them to win this battle of life. Some of these issues are listed below because most variables depend on the patient’s condition and medical record.


Even if you can make the person reach the hospital on time in a medical emergency, it takes a lot of time to decide the course of treatment. The treatment method depends on various factors like medical records, medication, and a list of body allergies. So until and unless the physician has all such details, he cannot operate on the person because, in such instances, a small mistake can cost a life.

Proper Aid

Even though the government has asked people to learn basic health procedures during an emergency like a heart attack, most people do not know what to do in such instances. So there is a need for an instant support team that would connect with people instantly and provides them with briefs on basic procedures to keep the person stable and avoid any health calamities.

Expert Support

There are limited experts in a particular industry; each is located in a different hospital or another state, and it’s tough to call them on short notice. So various people cannot get the necessary treatment due to the unavailability of experts; it happens in cardiac specialist cases.

Daily Checks and Consultation

Everyone has a demanding schedule, and it’s hard for them to take a day off and look for a daily checkup; it’s an essential part of life, but people cannot make time for it. So this makes them neglect minimal issues faced by them regarding their health.

How can Zertz serve as a medium between hospitals and patients?

Once we have discussed all the major medical emergencies faced by people, we will discuss various ways in which Zertz can solve these issues and save thousands of lives lost due to lack of communication. Zertz can ease the process of managing

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