Embrace The Importance of Independence Day With Zertz

Freedom is a very interesting word, you do not realize its importance until you haven’t felt its lacking. For the people in present era freedom seems like a right but at some point in the Indian history Indians had to sacrifice their lives and leave the comfort of their homes to raise their voices for this right. This Independence day signifies the change in you and pride you carry for your country.

Struggles of Independence

The history books of India are filled with talks and depiction of great valor, it tells youth how world was transformed and a country was freed from control of Britishers. We are living in a country which has attained its freedom so it is tough for people to visualize an era without freedom of expression or freedom of doing whatever they wish. Our freedom fighters went on numerous hunger strikes, multiple rallies, revolts and lot more just to provide the coming generation with their freedom. The century (1850-1947) is considered as the century of revolt when Indians came all together and fought against the British.

The path of freedom was a long and tiring one in which millions of brave hearts lost their lives for the sake of their nation and remembering such people fills heart with joy and sheer patriotism .

Why Is It important to celebrate Independence Day?

Some people still question that why is there a need for Independence day celebration , but its something that doesn’t needs to have an explanation because celebrating your country’s freedom is a pure emotion. There are some other major factors which influence the teaching of freedom fighters to the coming generation.

Remember Freedom Fighters

A great historian once said ,’A tree which forgets the path of its roots is destined to fall.” This statement tells a lot about significance of history in our future. Sacrificing your life for the sake of a free country where each one would have his own rights is a great honour and remembering such bravehearts is the duty of each and every person. Some freedom fighters are well known to the people while others have their names listed in golden words in history of freedom and people must read out those names for the sake of coming generation.

Learn Lessons From History

The best way to plan your future is to learn from your past, looking back at your history would allow people to make decisions of their future. Based on the struggles of the past and learning about the cause which brought people all together causes a change to the world. So the learnings of freedom should be grasped from heart as the person with will to wonder has the will to cause the change.

Embrace Patriotic Feelings

Whenever you watch a movie or hear about an incident or nation’s pride then the entire country falls in the single thread of one nation irrespective of religion , caste, state boundaries or several other diversities. These feeling shouldn’t be kept inside and revealed only on a particular day but these feelings should be felt everyday because being a free Indian is a matter of pride and one must embrace his rights as well as duties towards the country. Whenever there is a cricket match , the entire country bleeds blue and they stand in unison to support their cricket team and same goes for all other fields.


Its important to preach these emotions to the people and be a part of a community which looks at the country as a whole. So Zertz provides a platform for people to organize webinars and several other events where people can keep their hearts out and connect with the like people. Being an Indian is a matter of Pride and each person carries it with a glorious shine on their faces.

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