Developing A Futuristic Workspace with Zertz


The world was stuck in the physical mode of office, but with the spread of COVID, people became aware of a hybrid working model. We might have a slight idea of what a futuristic workspace might look like. So Zertz aims to provide a secure workplace to users and allow them to enjoy the wonderful features that make it easier to replicate the office experience.


Below are a few features that state how Zertz is a one-stop solution for a futuristic workspace.

Managing Meetings

Meetings are the most important part of a company, and as far as a futuristic workspace is concerned, you must find an efficient way to replace physical meetings. In the current scenarios of virtual meetings, multiple security breaches have come into view, making it tougher for companies to establish their faith in online applications.

But Zertz has efficiently replaced the physical meetings and has also found an effective way of safeguarding only virtual conferencing. The Zertz has a secure and encrypted end-to-end connection, making it easier for users to connect over a secure network. Furthermore, the host has a series of permissions, allowing only a limited number of people to join the meeting.

Enhancing Team Communications

A team leader must remain in touch with their team members and be present for them whenever needed. It has been a tougher task to replace physical communication with the team members. Still, Zertz has successfully provided an efficient way of connecting with the team members by using groups known as Teams.

The host creates these teams, and he can connect with their team members, clients, or members from other departments by chatting, sharing attachments, and even using Emojis to communicate. This method of communication can enhance your overall hybrid workspace.

Managing Company Events

There are various events organized in the companies, and the major concern of these events is to spark a feeling of togetherness among the members. So the companies are trying their best to manage their events virtually, and Zertz lends a helping hand. The activity dashboard of Zertz provides users with the option to update posts and share the report regarding the latest events on the activity log.

The activity tab also allows users to engage with other employees by commenting and liking the button to react to the posts.

Making Presentations Reliable

Some special features like Screen Sharing and Whiteboard allow users to enhance the levels of their presentations easily. These methods make it easier for users to share their content with other members using a reliable medium. A whiteboard is a freehand tool that allows users to write and draw as per their requirements and share the output with the other members in the meeting or save it in PDF.

Document Management and Collaboration

Document Log and Document Collaboration are the best features of Zertz as they prevent the considerable savings of a particular document by multiple names. The document collaboration allows multiple users to work on a document and even leave comments on them, which, when approved by the host, are saved to the document.


Zertz is a reliable tool that can be pretty handy in managing all your office chores efficiently. There have been a series of stances and features when Zertz has proven why it remains the best choice.

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