Activity Feature To Boost Communication

The best way to enhance the overall output of a company is by creating an environment that allows the team members to interact and share their ideas with the other members.

Various other video conferencing applications have been trying their level best to provide wonderful features, but none have focused on a separate Activity dashboard for users. Zertz is a video-conferencing application that puts customer satisfaction as the base priority for streamlining working.

This Activity dashboard has some wonderful branch features that make it easier to implement and exercise a hybrid environment using Zertz.

Event Creation

The best way to make group members interact is by providing them with events in which they are asked to present their teamwork which allows them to see their coworkers as a single entity. So companies organize these events for their employees, but the real trouble comes at the stage of sharing information and updates. Zertz allows users to create events and then share them on the dashboard, and all the employees of the particular company would be notified regarding the same.

All Posts

In the Activity board, various permissions are granted to people based on their designations, which allows them to share updates on the dashboard. Zertz has an All posts section in their dashboard from where users can directly access all the posts made in the recent week and month, which allows them to stay updated on all the events going on in the company.

My Posts

The All posts section contains all the posts made in the company, whereas there is also a My Posts section which contains all the posts made by you along with the updates on them. Users can make changes to their posts and check all their posts by clicking on the My Posts section.

Images And Emoji

To enhance the interaction and mode of communication among the company members, Zertz posts are equipped with Images and Emojis, making it easier for users to create posts that look more engaging. There is a wide range of emojis in Zertz, and you can also search these emojis by typing the emotion in the emoji search section.

Groups List

The teams feature of Zertz is a feature that allows users to streamline their work, so Zertz provides a group list feature on Activity Dashboard, which displays all the updates on the groups. This feature makes it easier for users to remain updated regarding the updates made on the groups.

Like And Comment

The activity section of Zertz has higher-level perks of engagement as it allows users to like and comment on the latest updates. So now, employees can share their gratitude in comments when they are praised in a post, or their work is appreciated.

Zertz is an application loaded with many features that have smoothened the flow of working and allowed users to extend the levels of efficiency. With Zertz as your hybrid working environment, you are surely going steps ahead in success.

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