Video Conferencing Is A Better Choice Of Communication


Amid the rise of the hybrid work environment communicating with the team members was a crucial issue because the audio call wasn’t efficient and engaging enough. So video calls became a reliable alternative for team members to communicate and share their ideas with other attendees. So there are some major reasons which make video conferencing the best choice for communication.

High Engagement and Efficient

Video conferencing increases engagement and makes it easier for a person to understand another person’s ideas. The video call also allows the person to view the reactions and emotions on the other person’s face. It is also much more efficient as it allows the team members to organize meetings and presentations to understand things better.

Communication Beyond physical borders

When there are physical meetings, people have to come from far away places to a certain destination. Video conferencing allows users to solve these issues as people from various places. Multiple time zones can connect altogether at one platform. This also saves ample time as a time of travelling and settling down is solved, and people can attend meetings from their comfort places.

Best for team communication

The best way for a team to communicate is via a video call because they all might be immersed in their different tasks, and it might not be possible for them to reach a certain venue of the meeting. So video conferencing is for team communication as you can connect with your team instantly with high-quality video transmission features.

Structured Meetings

Meetings contain a series of permissions and settings which allows people to connect at a certain platform. These structures are generally divided between hosts and attendees, and once the hierarchy is established, it becomes easier to organize it on higher levels.

Easy to Use and Manage

There are various video conferencing applications, but Zertz allows its users with easily navigatable features, making it easier to manage their meetings. So a person with basic technical knowledge can learn to organize video conferences for their office work.

Utilize a hybrid work environment

In the rise of a hybrid work environment, meetings are now organized in video call format as it is easier for both ends. The attendees can present their presentations and even entertain the viewers, and it is highly efficient than audio calls.

Screen Sharing

The screen sharing feature of Zertz provides users with high-quality video sharing and a recording feature that allows users to save a recording of a video call on their local device. Users can present their screens to other members in the meeting


Zertz is a reliable platform that provides users with high-quality encrypted video call features, making it both efficient and secure. Its screen sharing and recording features are complementary features that make it easier for users to connect with others on a video call.

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