3 E’s Of Successful Meeting And Webinar

A webinar is counted to be successful only when it can Engage, Entertain and express most suitably. These 3E’s of a successful webinar bring a lot of meaning to the event, and the perfect platform puts the cherry on the cake. The topic has been discussed below in detail.

Why do you need to organize webinars?

Webinars are a crucial part of company work, and there are various reasons supporting the statement, some of which are discussed in detail below.

Broadcast notice

A webinar makes it easier to broadcast messages to various people, so it is used in multiple companies to broadcast notices. When companies introduce a new curriculum or compliance, organizing a webinar would make it easier for employees to become introduced to such concepts.

Learn new things

Various events are organized in a company, and to make these events more memorable, some guests are invited to these webinars, which provide in-depth knowledge on the particular topic. So this creates a learning ecosystem in the company and keeps the curiosity factor booming in people, making it easier for them to boost their skills and resume.

Convenient to attend in Webinar

The geographical borders are the primary reason which reduces the overall footfall in any event, and these webinars solve this issue most effectively. You can attend these webinars from any part of this world using a device and internet connection. This ease in joining the webinar is the primary reason for the increase in attendees.

Reach a wider audience through Webinar

Various physical limitations make it challenging for people to join various events, including time zones, distance and time utilized in reaching the destination. These issues are resolved with webinars, so users can now attend their meetings without worrying about these issues and make the best of them.


Organizing a webinar offline has various requirements, including the provision of chairs, availability of a meeting hall,  electricity, food and much more. While in these webinars, companies provide their employees with food coupons available at their nearby stores, making it easier for companies to reduce the overall budget of a successful webinar.

How does Zertz emphasize on 3E’s of Webinars?

The primary 3 E’s of a successful webinar are Entertain, Engage, and Express, and these are broken down into various minor points that must be kept in mind when planning to organize one. Zertz is the best platform for your requirements; significant reasons for the same are listed below.

Recording in Webinar

These webinars are platforms which are all about knowledge gaining, and once a person has acquired his understanding, he needs to revise once again from the same. Earlier, people took notes while attending a meeting, making it challenging to focus on the forum. But Zertz utilizes the local storage for recording, which does not trouble users filling up their cloud storage. So when the meeting ends then, the host provides the pathway to the directory, and the recording is saved. The host can later share this recording on the official group.

User Friendly

This application is designed to serve the requirements of various users depending on their shifts, time zones, work schedules and roles. You can find multiple permission protocols which allow only people with requisite permissions to make changes in the meetings.

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