Zertz premium features for customer requirements

Zertz Is a video conferencing application with multiple features that have streamlined and smoothened the process of a hybrid workplace. This application has an interactive user interface, making it easier for users to engage with the features of this application. The user engagement and higher levels of data security make this application a reliable choice. Let us discuss the premium features of this application.

Various features of Zertz Premium

Multiple premium features of zertz can make it much easier for you to choose it as your hybrid workplace application.

Instant Messaging

The primary feature of zertz is instant messaging, which makes it easier for users to share data and information in a user-interactive design method. This template design of this application makes it much easier for users to rely on this application for emergency messaging and maintaining a log of documents shared on this platform. Users can avail of unlimited instant messaging on this platform in the premium version of this application.

Unlimited video call

Zertz provides high-quality video sharing, which makes it easier for users to organize face time calls with their employees and clients. These video calls are also secure using multiple levels of encryption which are highly secure. The data shared in packets over the transmission network on a video call cannot be intercepted by any other network member except the sender and the receiver.

Cloud storage

Zertz provides its users with specific data storage on its database, making it easier for them to store their documents securely. This cloud storage makes it much easier for users to settle their office in virtual mode; the confidential documents are stored on the cloud storage and can be accessed using requisite permission. The uplink and download speed of the cloud storage makes it much easier for users to upload and download documents.

 Secure encryption login

Security and privacy are core factors influencing the usability of any application, and zertz caters to these services most efficiently. There are two types of secure logins in the zertz workspace: personal and organized workspace. The personal workspace is only accessed by a person using his credentials, whereas the organizational workspace is managed by limited people who have required permissions. The number of admin accounts depends on the cost of your premium plan.

Free activity posts

The activity dashboard of Zertz makes it easier for users to engage with each other, and it further influences socialism between the employees. This dashboard contains many messages ranging from notices to special mentions, acknowledgments, and more. The premium features of this application include total activity posts in the dashboard.

24/7 customer support

Catering to customer needs and queries is a significant factor influencing resource utilization. So zertz focuses on providing the highest customer support, making it much easier for them to resolve issues faced by users. This customer support responds and resolves issues within 24 hours, which is a great choice.

Manage team activity

There are limited admin controls based on users’ plans, and this admin account has an option to choose the most efficient decision per the requirement. Various compliance and restrictions can be implemented using these credentials.

Unlimited whiteboard

The whiteboard is a free hand drawing tool of this application which allows users to express their thoughts in a much more comprehensive manner easily. This feature has an interactive interface and various editing features to enhance the working module.

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