Virtual hiring: Is it worth it?  

Hiring is an important process for both the company and the candidate because it allows the company to find the ideal candidates for vacancies in their company. But there are various companies who stand against the notion of virtual hiring as they believe it eliminates the essence of seriousness and other issues. So let us discuss virtual hiring and how Zertz streamlines its implementation.

Advantages of virtual hiring

Virtual hiring is a reliable choice, and this is the beginning of choosing it for the hiring process; multiple benefits of virtual hiring are discussed below in detail.

Minimize cost through Virtual Hiring

Various costs add up to the final budget with each round of the physical interview. These charges range from snacks, electricity charges, stationery, and accommodation, and it even takes into account the time of the employees, which could be invested efficiently in their work. Virtual hiring is a cost-effective solution, as you would find a decline in expenses during virtual hiring.

Track application stage

Various saying regarding the hiring processes by various companies floats in the market, among which being ghosted after an interview is pretty common. By virtual hiring, the companies develop platforms that update each stage in the hiring process, making it easier for candidates to remain updated on their applications.

Efficient for Bulk applications

Organizing bulk interviews in physical mode is a cumbersome task as you must take care of the documents and accommodation. Virtual hiring can be your savior as you can conduct interviews for hundreds of people pretty easily without worrying about documentation. Zertz turns out to be a reliable option as you can organize a meeting for 100+ applicants in one go. Applicants can also share their documents with the admin via their access points on the Zertz application.

Convenient of Virtual Hiring

Applying for an interview is a cumbersome task as you must go through a series of processes, and in physical hiring, you cannot click on Easy Apply. But with virtual hiring and Zertz, things turn out to be pretty convenient as now you do not need to worry about a hassled hiring. You can easily share your application with the interviewer, give your interview on a video call, and record the meeting to review for further interviews.

Makes people comfortable

Some people face issues while physically confronting people, and they cannot present their best selves in such instances. This can turn out to be a negative point in your interview review, but this issue is resolved while virtual hiring, as people can attend interviews from the comfort zones of their homes. This is a reliable and stress-breaking solution to check the best capabilities of the candidate.


We discussed multiple benefits of virtual hiring in the article. Still, it surely has some demerits or lacking’s, including the increase in several applications, making it cumbersome to choose the ideal candidate. The majority of applications in these bulk applications are fraud applications which burn a lot of valuable time on the clock for the hiring team. Virtual hiring decreases the seriousness felt by people and is both a merit and demerit. Each hiring process has its benefits; you can always choose the most reliable one per your requirements.

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