Modern ways of Managing Events in a Hybrid Workspace

Events are the best way to interact with other people in their surroundings, but due to the o spread of coronavirus and the imposing of lockdown, people could not organize or attend events. So Zertz has come up with a method that has allowed people to organize events and even be a part of one irrespective of physical barriers.

Manage Posts

Zertz has a wonderful feature that allows users to broadcast a particular message to all the members of the company who have lodged themselves on the portal. The Posts section of Zertz has an interface that resembles numerous social media sites. Users are accustomed to using these interfaces, making it easier for them to be comfortable working with them.

Users can easily share posts in this section, and other readers receive notifications regarding the post. They can then react to posts and respond to them using comments and emojis. Posts also allow users to share posts and images, making it a handy and great choice to interact with other company members.

Create Events

The activity tab in Zertz allows users to create events. Then users are notified regarding a certain event, and when later the time for the event arrives, then one more notification is shared.

Users can also generate private events, which you can share only with a limited number of people using their mail addresses. These events can contain a series of regular events like Webinars, Online Quizzes, Team Gatherings, HR discussions, Manager Feedback, and appraisals. 

Team spirit among co-workers

Events and games are pretty similar as their common objective are to spark a sense of togetherness and belonging among the people from various grounds. In a company, people work in different departments, and there are very few instances when they come together, so these events are organized in a company that brings people together.

In physical modes, various companies also offer team lunch in which all the departments go for lunch or outing together and spend time together, which enhances their bond with other team members.

Extracurricular Development

The extra circular is a vital part of our lives, and in our schools and colleges, it creates a sense of zeal of joy. But as people move to their corporate lives, they start lacking this fun, so now various companies organize such events for extracurricular development as it allows them to tackle stress and peacefully focus on their lives.

Enhancing Office Environment

Children love to go to their schools because they know that they get to meet their friends and study with them, so when events are organized in companies, people get closer, and a healthy office environment is developed. An office where people are bonded to each other and help others in time of need is worth an early morning ride in the traffic.


Zertz is a single-stop tool that has taken all the user requirements in mind and then came up with the best ideas to allow users to interact and work in a smooth environment. The events feature of Zertz has huge benefits, and it allows companies to focus on team communications in a simplified manner.

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